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Watch commander essay

Husband Kimmel and Walter Short Japanese: Chuichi Nagumo and Isoroku Yamamoto Outcome: On December 8, President Franklin D. On the southern end of Oahu, Pearl Harbor held a 22, acre naval base. Kimmel of the Navy and Lt. Short of the Army were in command of the fleet and troops on the ground, respectively.

Unless a new source of oil was opened, the Imperial Japanese Navy would be in dry dock within a year and Japanese industries would grind to a halt in 12—18 months.

A plan was developed to cripple the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor to allow time for Japan to seize the resource areas it needed and fortify them to the point that retaking them would cost more lives than the Imperial High Command thought Americans would be willing to pay.

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Yamamoto had studied in the United States. He knew his nation lacked the ability to defeat the much larger, resource-and industry-rich country and did not share the opinion of many Japanese officers that the Americans were too weak-willed to fight.

The attack on Pearl Harbor, which was influenced by the successful British attack that used carrier aircraft against the Italian fleet at Taranto, Italy the previous year, was essentially Watch commander essay last best-hope for Japanese success in the Pacific.

Early in the morning on December 7, more than Japanese planes attacked about 33 American ships on orders of Vice-Admiral Chuichi Nagumo. America sustained a loss of nearly aircraft destroyed and damaged that morning, as well as three ships destroyed and 16 damaged.

Three thousand seven hundred Americans lost their lives, including 68 civilians. The cost to the Japanese was 29 aircraft, five midget submarines, and service personnel, all but one of whom was killed in action.

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Commemorating the 1, crewman who lost their lives in the attack on Pearl Harbor, it s a tribute to World War II valor in the Pacific. Learn more about the Pearl Harbor Memorial. The most devastating loss was the 2, Americans killed and 1, wounded.

Michael Slackman, a consulting historian to the U. The Cult of the Battleship and the Rise of the U. Even after 10 months of arduous planning, rehearsal, and intelligence gathering, the attack was plagued by inflexibility, a lack of coordination, and misallocated resources.

A plan for a likely contingency was cobbled together by three midgrade officers while en route to Hawaii. The attack itself suffered significant command blunders.

Though armed with enough firepower to destroy up to 14 battleships and aircraft carriers, the Japanese landed killing hits on only three battleships; luck, combined with American damage control mistakes, added two more battleships to their tally.

Not only was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor far from brilliant, it also narrowly avoided disaster. The Japanese Naval General Staff wanted to sink battleships, too, but for a different reason: The aviators involved had other target priorities.

While a student at the Naval Staff College, he had called for the Imperial Navy to scrap all battleships and build only carriers. When assigned in early to plan an attack to sink battleships at Pearl Harbor, he instead plotted to aim the bulk of the attack at any carriers that might be in port.

His fixation would come close to disrupting the entire attack. According to the Japanese Official History, they were to first attack four designated battleships, then shift their attention to carriers. After crippling or sinking these ships, the attack would shift to the remaining battleships, then shift again to cruisers.

It was an overly complex, impossible scheme, likely constructed merely to brief the admirals, who were largely ignorant of aviation tactics and would not know that such an orderly progression through the targets was unworkable.

Genda and the planners were well aware that the torpedo bombers had to fly low and slow as they approached their targets, making them extremely vulnerable to antiaircraft fire.

The plan they intended to use split 90 Kates between two roles: Genda then divided the 40 acting as torpedo bombers into four formations.

Watch commander essay

They were to travel together to a point north of Pearl Harbor, where 16 torpedo bombers in two formations would separate to approach from the west and attack the carrier moorings, while 24 torpedo bombers in two formations would attack Battleship Row from the east.

Immediately after, 50 more Kates acting as level bombers would attack from high altitude, dropping massive 1,pound armor-piercing bombs on the battleships sheltered from torpedo fire by other ships or dry docks.Ap english humorist essay where to put thesis statement in essay if u write my 4 pg research paper on michelangelo for me i'll give u a bj wait what blackburn essays in quasi realism pdf to jpg watch commander essay life is beautiful essay youtube full movie review essay on t20 cricket florida state essay map conductos respiratorios.

Sign at a march outside the City Center Starbucks in Philadelphia, Pa., April 16, (Mark Makela/Reuters) By any objective standard, the U.S.

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is not the most racist or sexist country in the world. Feb 29,  · incidents of this nature occur on their watch. This expectation is different than a performance or behavior standard.

According to the same issue of Navy Times, 12 other commanders and captains and a commander is responsible but not in control: “I agree with first one, we can’t step back from this, but expect senior echelons.

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