Grit a predictor of academic professional

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Grit a predictor of academic professional

June 15, Citation: Grit, happiness and life satisfaction among professionals: Visit for more related articles at Journal of Psychology and Cognition Abstract It is commonly observed that people who are consistent towards their goals and wants to achieve them are commonly happy and satisfied with their lives because they are academically successful, paving the path for a lucrative future.

We also observed that these individuals tend to be happier and satisfied with their life as a whole. Therefore this research is co-relating the level of grit with higher level of happiness and life satisfaction among professionals; like doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers and bankers.

This research incorporates grit scale by Angela Duckworth, subjective happiness scale by Lyubomirsky and satisfaction with life scale by Diener.

Grit a predictor of academic professional

Our study concluded that the level of grit, happiness and life satisfaction are positively correlated. This can be applied to individuals in schools and organizations. In schools and academic institutions teachers can help students to build grit and organizations can apply this on their employees.

It will also motivate students, since success can increase the chances of being happy and satisfied from life. Keywords Grit, Happiness, Life satisfaction. Introduction The country where we live in, it is often heard that a person who receives an A grade in school or is at top of their class is smart and will surely be successful in their career.

That individual is described with demoralizing words like slow, dumb, mentally challenged and many more [ 1 ].

It is often ignored that traits like hard working, consistency, stable personality also counts in the success of a person. There are many examples where students became very successful and well known professionally even though they were not very sound academically, people like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and a lot more [ 2 ].

It is also seen that some people achieve more than others in career even though they have same IQ level. This is a debatable topic thus a lot of research has been done on it. In Angela Duckworth came with a term Grit, she said the reason why some people achieve more is because of high-level grit.

Duckworth said all successful people have this trait in common. According to her, some people show a lot of patience and work energetically towards a long-term goal without getting dissatisfied, and eventually they succeed. Duckworth and Quinn observed that subjects recording higher level of well being happiness were more likely to have grit and achieved higher grades by keeping other variables constant such as IQ and age [ 4 ].

They said that it was also observed from their research that students who had had good grades, possessed higher level of grit and wellbeing happiness thus academic and professional success have been consistently found in relationship with grit and happiness [ 5 ].

Thus, this research will shed light on grit and whether grit is highly correlated with happiness and satisfaction.

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Following are the objectives of this research: The higher the level of grit, higher will be the level of happiness among professionals. The higher the level of grit, higher will be the life satisfaction among professionals Literature Review Grit Duckworth coined the term Grit in It refers to perseverance and effort to achieve to long-term goals.

Grit refers to energetically working towards a goal with constant aspiration and enthusiasm over a long period of time.Courses and workshops For parents and carers Are you looking for parental training to help your children become calmer and happier? Would you like to enjoy a more peaceful and fulfilling home life, with better communication and engagement as a family?

May 08,  · With Grit, Duckworth has now put out the definitive handbook for her theory of success. It parades from one essential topic to another on a float of common sense, tossing out scientific insights.

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Here’s why. Can you predict academic success or whether a child will graduate? You can, but not how you might think. When psychologist Angela Duckworth studied people in various challenging situations, including National Spelling Bee participants, rookie teachers in tough neighborhoods, and West Point cadets, she found.

One characteristic emerged as a significant predictor of success. The Dirac quote you remember may be this one: [In the early days of quantum mechanics it was a good description to say that it was a game, a very interesting game one could play.

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