Essay on why we shouldnt have homework

OccupyTheory on 21 January, at Important Pros of Homework 1. Teachers And Students Working Together If a student is having trouble completing their homework assignments, they are able to consult with their teacher about the specific aspects that are confusing to them, which leads to a more cooperative learning experience.

Essay on why we shouldnt have homework

Do our kids have too much homework? Has your child shed tears over the amount of homework he has? Has he stayed up late working on assignments? Have you sacrificed your weekends for homework? Print article Many students and their parents are frazzled by the amount of homework being piled on in the schools.

Yet researchers say that American students have just the right amount of homework.

The Cons of Homework

How can he be expected to do that by himself? He just started to learn to read and write a couple of months ago. Schools are pushing too hard and expecting too much from kids. According to Brian Gill, a senior social scientist at the Rand Corporation, there is no evidence that kids are doing more homework than they did before.

The median appears to be about four hours a week. There surely are some. One indisputable fact One homework fact that educators do agree upon is that the young child today is doing more homework than ever before.

Gill quantifies the change this way: They thought that kids were better off spending their time outside playing and looking at clouds. The most spectacular success this movement had was in the state of California, where in the legislature passed a law abolishing homework in grades K That lasted about 15 years and then was quietly repealed.

Then there was a lot of activism against homework again in the s. Second, it develops habits of independent study. It gives parents an idea of what their kids are doing in school. There were also concerns about excessive amounts of stress.

Why You Should Give Out Less Homework

Also, a lot of the opposition to homework, in the first half of the 20th century, was motivated by a notion that it was a leftover from a 19th-century model of schooling, which was based on recitation, memorization and drill.

Progressive educators were trying to replace that with something more creative, something more interesting to kids. The communities in which homework is being piled on are generally affluent communities. Fortunately, there are some sanity-saving homework guidelines.

In other words, 10 minutes for first-graders, 20 for second-graders and so on. Too much homework vs.

Essay on why we shouldnt have homework

It should be done within half an hour at most. I believe that children have many outside activities now and they also need to live fully as children. To have them work for six hours a day at school and then go home and work for hours at night does not seem right. World Culture and the Future of Schooling, that American middle-schoolers do more homework than their peers in Japan, Korea or Taiwan, but less than their peers in Singapore and Hong Kong.

One of the surprising findings of their research was that more homework does not correlate with higher test scores. Most homework in the fourth grade in the U. Fill them out, turn them in, maybe the teacher will check them, maybe not. That is a very ineffective use of homework.

Where did you have difficulty? As you can imagine, that kind of homework rarely happens. Over time, we see that in elementary and middle schools more and more homework is being given, and that countries around the world are doing this in an attempt to increase their test scores, and that is basically a failing strategy.

The Battle Over Homework:The proponents of homework have remained consistent in their reasons for why homework is a beneficial practice, says Gill.

“One, it extends the work in the classroom with additional time on task. Second, it develops habits of independent study. Sure, grading homework is an after-class activity. Other after-class activities include grading tests, planning lessons, meeting with parents, participating in professional development, volunteering to oversee student organizations, giving kids extra help with their work.

So why do we have to do homework after working for half our day and go to the place where we can get away from school. Also we have a lot of homework on days we need to study for a quiz, and an exam seems more important than homework.

This article was excerpted from Writing Extraordinary Essays. Getting Started. Before we can get our students writing, they need to have something to write about. For some students, this is a huge problem. So why are we moving backwards, assigning more homework instead of less, or none at all? Much of the push for homework comes from a mistrust of children’s innate need to learn.

That’s why I think we shouldn’t have lockers because kids are going to hold up the line. For an example, in my brother’s class the line had to wait for two minutes.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Students Shouldn’t Have Homework